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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Excellence & Quality

I read the following small story, which impressed me a lot.

A person once visited a temple under construction where he saw a sculptor making an idol of God. Suddenly he noticed a similar idol lying nearby. Surprised, he asked the sculptor, "Do you need two statues of the same idol?"

"No," said the sculptor without looking up, "We need only one, but the first one got damaged at the last stage."

The gentleman examined the idol and found no apparent damage. "Where is the damage?" he asked.

"There is a scratch on the nose of the idol." said the sculptor, still busy with his work and without looking up.

"Where are you going to install the idol?" asked the gentleman The sculptor replied that it would be installed on a pillar twenty feet high. "If the idol is that far, who is going to know that there is a scratch on the nose?" the gentleman asked.

The sculptor stopped his work, looked up at the gentleman, smiled and said, "I will know it."

The desire to excel is exclusive of the fact whether someone else appreciates it or not. "Excellence" is a drive from inside, not outside. Excellence is not for someone else to notice but for your own satisfaction and efficiency.. .

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Working On.....

1) Collecting information to write about information:

Information Sourcing
Information Scouting
Information Processing

2) On Experience and Failures

Stay tuned....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

An analogy between the pen and the mobile phone

Invention of writing pen set the stage for whole lot of creativity and cool design around the pen top to bottom - say it's a cap, tank, nib, body color, etc.,. People were also adopted & encouraged the creativity around pen. It's simply because, the base product PEN is so modular in design, and it allowed all sort of creative variations and innovation around every part of it. Moreover, it becomes a basic commodity for day to day living so every one appreciated the creativity to the fullest extent. This is for an analog world. Today we are living in a digital world, what is it out there today, which is as close and modular of PEN?

You got it, it’s Mobile Phone! - "Pen for an analog world! Mobile for digital world!"

Watch the video here

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top 5 reasons for scrappy organization

Fortunately or (Unfortunately) I have been working for start-up since started my career. Fortunately, (this time no unfortunate) I have been associated with the start-ups from the beginning in most of the companies except the current and the last one. It doesn’t matter whether I was early or late, following are the top 5 reasons for scrappy organizations from my personal perspective, which ultimately leads the organization to fail miserably if it doesn’t act fast and take corrective measures.

  • Fragmented; no team work
  • Unnecessary spending; It could be expense towards travels from engineer to executives, Not spending on the required stuffs.
  • Not adopting or developing the culture of experiments. When you do experiments you have chances of failing fast and change the course. f not, it ended up failing late.
  • Think and Act inwardly; Having a notion of what you are doing is right and not checking the pulse of the market trend & target customer
  • Not creating leaders to take charge and responsibilities. If an org. creates only followers, it is clear that it is digging is its own grave.

Note: Please drop your additional points for scrappy organization in the blog comments section so that all readers have chance to read your points as well.
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Take an advantage of wireless and mobile technologies to create a “Made in India” brand

In the late 70’s/early 80’s kids in the U.S were exposed to the PC, which has given them a good handle on computers and software leads them to innovate new stuffs and to create a great business around it. In fact, every decade there was a new innovation from OS to Database to Internet Applications. Thanks to Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, Lucent, (to name a few) to create a whole new digital world, which helped to expand the human imagination such as, Internet/World Wide Web to create a great companies and business like Yahoo!, and Google.

Now, I think, India has a similar advantage what the U.S and other western countries had in the 80’s. Thanks to the wireless and mobile technologies. Mobile phone adoption rate is growing fast in India YoY, most importantly kids are having access to the mobile phones. I feel this as a change factor from the entrepreneurial perspective. When kids are gaining access and expose to this tiny little device, it enables them to innovate and create value addition to the business and market. Kids are the one, who are not biased to any external forces (from business perspectives), which gives them an additional advantage to innovate new stuffs, similar to Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Google (again to name a few).

Let us encourage our new innovators, motivate and mentor them in a right direction to create and build long lasting enterprises from India.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paper Vs. Digital - Which is Greener?

I have attended the Nasscom Product Conclave Conference 2009 in Bangalore on Oct 27 and 28th. At the registration counter I have been given a nice back-pack with lot of brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, and booklets, full of paper-print media.

Since, the conference was packed with lot of workshops, keynotes and networking sessions, I didn’t find time to pull the stuff out from my bag and it was almost weighing 500+ grams.

After couple of days, I pulled the stuff out and I was shocked, why so much of paper printed materials, why can’t it be on digital media pushing the information to the mobile phones. Actually, I thought, paper media is not greener and sustainable (cutting trees) and digital media is greener.

“There is no question that print media could do a better job of managing the sustainability of its supply chains and waste streams, but it’s a misguided notion to assume that digital media is categorically greener. Computers, eReaders, and cell phones don’t grow on trees and their spiraling requirement for energy is unsustainable.”

But, this blog post - Which is Greener: Paper or Digital? The Answer May Surprise You gives a different view. As an entrepreneur, please be aware when pitching a product /solution for the cause of Greener.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Off topic discussion - Marriage Cause & Effect

This is an off topic from the core idea behind this blog. Anyways, it has some insight, so I thought of posting it.

Yesterday we went out for a team lunch for winning a skit performance by the team. Towards the end of the lunch, an interesting but debatable topic popped-up about the marriage - "the cause & effect".

So the cause & effect equation:

1) Emotional dependency is the cause; marriage is an effect
2) Improve and Add Value to the society is the cause; marriage is an effect

I think, it is a biased decision based on the opinion of majority. It is driven by the social pressure at a high level and distilled through family pressure, near pressure, dear pressure, this pressure, that pressure and finally to the personal level. When it gets to the personal level, everyone goes based on the majority judgment and got married. After this action, they start learning and draw their own theory of cause and effect.

The Asch Conformity Experiments – a psychological analysis is appropriate here to prove this point - opinions and decisions are made on the majority judgment, even if it is wrong!

P.S: The argument is based only on Indian marriage context.

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