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Thursday, November 19, 2009

An analogy between the pen and the mobile phone

Invention of writing pen set the stage for whole lot of creativity and cool design around the pen top to bottom - say it's a cap, tank, nib, body color, etc.,. People were also adopted & encouraged the creativity around pen. It's simply because, the base product PEN is so modular in design, and it allowed all sort of creative variations and innovation around every part of it. Moreover, it becomes a basic commodity for day to day living so every one appreciated the creativity to the fullest extent. This is for an analog world. Today we are living in a digital world, what is it out there today, which is as close and modular of PEN?

You got it, it’s Mobile Phone! - "Pen for an analog world! Mobile for digital world!"

Watch the video here

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Anonymous said...

Pen can draw and phone can't. Hopefully that gap will be inked.
Nov 30, 2009

Gokulmuthu said...

The standard accessories of a man used to be pen, watch and wallet. The mobile phone is taking up more and more of these into itself.