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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Take an advantage of wireless and mobile technologies to create a “Made in India” brand

In the late 70’s/early 80’s kids in the U.S were exposed to the PC, which has given them a good handle on computers and software leads them to innovate new stuffs and to create a great business around it. In fact, every decade there was a new innovation from OS to Database to Internet Applications. Thanks to Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, Lucent, (to name a few) to create a whole new digital world, which helped to expand the human imagination such as, Internet/World Wide Web to create a great companies and business like Yahoo!, and Google.

Now, I think, India has a similar advantage what the U.S and other western countries had in the 80’s. Thanks to the wireless and mobile technologies. Mobile phone adoption rate is growing fast in India YoY, most importantly kids are having access to the mobile phones. I feel this as a change factor from the entrepreneurial perspective. When kids are gaining access and expose to this tiny little device, it enables them to innovate and create value addition to the business and market. Kids are the one, who are not biased to any external forces (from business perspectives), which gives them an additional advantage to innovate new stuffs, similar to Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Google (again to name a few).

Let us encourage our new innovators, motivate and mentor them in a right direction to create and build long lasting enterprises from India.

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