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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top 5 reasons for scrappy organization

Fortunately or (Unfortunately) I have been working for start-up since started my career. Fortunately, (this time no unfortunate) I have been associated with the start-ups from the beginning in most of the companies except the current and the last one. It doesn’t matter whether I was early or late, following are the top 5 reasons for scrappy organizations from my personal perspective, which ultimately leads the organization to fail miserably if it doesn’t act fast and take corrective measures.

  • Fragmented; no team work
  • Unnecessary spending; It could be expense towards travels from engineer to executives, Not spending on the required stuffs.
  • Not adopting or developing the culture of experiments. When you do experiments you have chances of failing fast and change the course. f not, it ended up failing late.
  • Think and Act inwardly; Having a notion of what you are doing is right and not checking the pulse of the market trend & target customer
  • Not creating leaders to take charge and responsibilities. If an org. creates only followers, it is clear that it is digging is its own grave.

Note: Please drop your additional points for scrappy organization in the blog comments section so that all readers have chance to read your points as well.
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